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Note: names of people have been changed to protect their identities.

Ann is the eldest of four children who is staying in Leiden, Delft as back-yard dwellers for the past nine years. Recently she has been complaining about a cough that does not let up. She was advised by a Community Health Worker to visit one of the clinics in Delft. A week later Nicky, a Community Health Worker received Ann as a referral from the Clinic via her special electronic mobile device. These devices are meant to replace the paper-based system. Ann’s results on the device confirmed her positive TB diagnoses. With Ann’s address now known, Nicky made her way to her where she stays in Leiden to conduct a household assessment.

With her permission, Nicky uploaded all the health and household conditions electronically on her mobile device. Furthermore, it was found that there were more people within Ann’s household that was exposed to tuberculosis. Nicky referred the family members via her electronic device to the health facility to notify about possible TB contact and TB tests were requested. The Clinic responded with a date and time for the rest of the family to be at the health facility. This electronic linkage made the process for Ann and Nicky so much easier to gain access to health care services. Nicky explained to Ann that she will pay her a weekly follow-up visit and will record it as well to track her progress.

When after 14 days, Ann reported an adverse reaction to the TB medication, Nicky updated the progress report electronically and referred Ann back to the Clinic. Anne was expediently assisted by medical staff at the Clinic as a result of the electronic linkage pathway between the Health Facility and Touching Nations supported by the M-Health application on the mobile device.

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