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Providing primary health care

The Delft Wellness Project

Note: names of people have been changed to protect their identities.

Ann is the eldest of four children who is staying in Leiden, Delft as back-yard dwellers for the past nine years. Recently she has been complaining about a cough that does not let up. She was advised by a Community Health Worker to visit one of the clinics in Delft. A week later Nicky, a Community Health Worker received Ann as a referral from the Clinic via her special electronic mobile device. These devices are meant to replace the paper-based system. Ann’s results on the device confirmed her positive TB diagnoses. With Ann’s address now known, Nicky made her way to her where she stays in Leiden to conduct a household assessment.

With her permission, Nicky uploaded all the health and household conditions electronically on her mobile device. Furthermore, it was found that there were more people within Ann’s household that was exposed to tuberculosis. Nicky referred the family members via her electronic device to the health facility to notify about possible TB contact and TB tests were requested. The Clinic responded with a date and time for the rest of the family to be at the health facility. This electronic linkage made the process for Ann and Nicky so much easier to gain access to health care services. Nicky explained to Ann that she will pay her a weekly follow-up visit and will record it as well to track her progress.

When after 14 days, Ann reported an adverse reaction to the TB medication, Nicky updated the progress report electronically and referred Ann back to the Clinic. Anne was expediently assisted by medical staff at the Clinic as a result of the electronic linkage pathway between the Health Facility and Touching Nations supported by the M-Health application on the mobile device.

Should you wish to make use of our services, please contact us via email on ihcbs@touchingnations.org or call us at 081 781 0977 during office hours (Mon-Fri.: 07:30-16:00).

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Services to victims of GBV

The RISE Project

Note: names of people have been changed to protect their identities.

Kim is a 27-year-old unemployed woman who resides in Elsies River within the Cape Flats. Kim has a daughter of 10 years-old, which she receives a child support grant for, and they live with Kim’s mother who receives a disability grant. On weekends Kim’s mother would consume alcohol and lash out at Kim. One weekend when this had happened again Kim’s daughter happened to be present during the altercation at which time Kim’s mother threw a glass at Kim and it hit Kim’s daughter in the face right above her eye. Kim then rushed with her daughter to the Community Health Centre where they treated her daughter. The nurse then asked Kim how her daughter came to having this injury as she could smell the alcohol on the child’s clothing. Kim then explained what had happened and stated that 3-years ago her mother was in a relationship with a man that would physically beat her mother almost every weekend and once even touched Kim inappropriately when her mother was ill. Hence, because Kim feared the man’s behaviour and how it impacted her daughter and mother’s well-being, she confessed to her mother what he had done to her and stated if he does not leave, she will report him to SAPS and press charges against him. Since then, her mother was bitter about how the relationship came to an end and blamed Kim for it.

After hearing Kim’s story, the nurse informed Kim about Touching Nations Victim Empowerment Programme (VEP) that renders free therapeutic counselling and educational workshop services focusing on victims of Gender-Base-Violence (GBV) and Victims of Crime and violence relating to abuse and trauma. As Kim left the consultation room Kim’s mother ran toward her and Kim’s daughter crying and apologising profusely. This then led Kim to do a walk-in intake at Touching Nations where she was greeted at reception and the intake was done by the programmes Social Worker. There Kim explained why she believes she needs counselling services. The social worker expressed to Kim that perhaps her mother is also in need of services as her mother had also experienced abuse and because of it, possibly uses alcohol to cope with the trauma. Kim agreed that she will ask her mother to attend family counselling sessions and if need be, have individual sessions in-between to help her family, as well as; refer her daughter to an appropriate child protection organisation for counselling. Kim and her family are still undergoing counselling services. Kim is happy to report that she had updated her CV, the relationship and environment at home has improved and that she and her family are taking matters one day at a time.

Kim’s story could have been so different. So, like Kim we need to know that it is okay to want to change our circumstances, reach out and ask for help. Should you wish to make use of our services, be it therapeutic counselling or educational workshops, please contact us via email on rise@touchingnations.org, call us at 021 224 0983 or Whatsapp us on 066 463 4028 during office hours (Mon-Fri.: 08:00-16:30).

Values of the Project

Restoration, Inspiration, Strength, Education

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Social Crime Prevention Program

The Compass Project

To reduce recidivism by providing a continuum of services ranging from prevention programs.

Irving is 14 years old and lives in Clarke Estate, Elsies River which is notorious for high levels of crime, gun violence, and drug abuse. Irving comes from an unstable home environment where his parents do not have enough money to provide for his basic needs.

Touching Nations came to his High School to render school-based programs to children in conflict with the law and their victims to reduce recidivism, by providing a continuum of services ranging from prevention programs to children, youth, and family members. The program’s aim is reached through the different projects of school-based programs, holiday programs, family/ parent workshops, and reintegration/ aftercare services, in the Metro-North region which includes Elsies River, Bishop Lavis, & Delft.

Irving shared his story after his encounter with Touching Nations, “At first, I joined a gang for the status of being in one as I was constantly being bullied at school for not having proper school clothes and shoes, but then later, I found myself starting to get into gang fights, and abusing substances such as TIK (methamphetamines). It was when Touching Nations came to our school and rendered the school-based programs focusing on substance abuse and bullying that I decided to reach out for help. The holiday workshops offered by Touching Nations provided a safe alternative for myself who might otherwise have gotten trapped on the wrong side of the law trying to survive.”

Should you wish to make use of our services, please contact us via email on compass@touchingnations.org or call us at 021 224 0983 during office hours (Mon-Fri.: 08:00-16:30).

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The provision of sustainable employment

The Dignity Infinite Project

Errol is the middle child in a family of five. Born in Malawi Camp, an informal settlement a few kilometres away from Cape Town International Airport. With the hope of one day settling into their own home, his family moved to Delft, a sprawling suburb on the Cape Flats. After years of waiting on the City’s housing list, his family relocated from the TRA (Temporary Residential Area) to become backyard dwellers in Delft. Staying on the same premises of his father’s sister is not easy. Dropping out in grade 11, Errol’s dream to further his studies was hampered by the lack of finances and the presence of his own father. His dream is to study at a nearby University and to become a Social Worker.

Errol often remarked how he witnessed the abuse of his aunt at the hand of his uncle. Instead of being discouraged by this, Errol felt motivated to one day be an advocate for women’s rights. Felt inspired to one day study further to answer to the challenges presented in his community, especially those presented because of gender based violence. When he heard about Project Dignity Infinite and that it aims to provide sustainable employment, he acted immediately. After he submitted all the required needed documents, Errol started his journey as a social mobilizer. His dream to become a Social Worker has been reignited. His dream to also contribute economically to his family and community is slowly becoming a reality for Errol. As a social mobilizer he will be adding to the well-being of women and specifically children. He remarked that since he's been part of Project Dignity Infinite, his values and his outlook on life have changed. It is giving him an opportunity and to let hope arise again in his heart. He is dreaming again. He is looking forward to completing his Matric and thereafter enrol at University. Errol’s story continues…

Project Dignity Infinite operate from their offices in Matroosfontein. They can be contacted via email on sef@touchingnations.org or on 071 567 7327 or 071 557 0479 via WhatsApp or via landline on 021 224 0983 for more information during office hours (Mon-Fri.: 08:00-16:30).

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