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The Dignity Infinite Project

Errol is the middle child in a family of five. Born in Malawi Camp, an informal settlement a few kilometres away from Cape Town International Airport. With the hope of one day settling into their own home, his family moved to Delft, a sprawling suburb on the Cape Flats. After years of waiting on the City’s housing list, his family relocated from the TRA (Temporary Residential Area) to become backyard dwellers in Delft. Staying on the same premises of his father’s sister is not easy. Dropping out in grade 11, Errol’s dream to further his studies was hampered by the lack of finances and the presence of his own father. His dream is to study at a nearby University and to become a Social Worker.

Errol often remarked how he witnessed the abuse of his aunt at the hand of his uncle. Instead of being discouraged by this, Errol felt motivated to one day be an advocate for women’s rights. Felt inspired to one day study further to answer to the challenges presented in his community, especially those presented because of gender based violence. When he heard about Project Dignity Infinite and that it aims to provide sustainable employment, he acted immediately. After he submitted all the required needed documents, Errol started his journey as a social mobilizer. His dream to become a Social Worker has been reignited. His dream to also contribute economically to his family and community is slowly becoming a reality for Errol. As a social mobilizer he will be adding to the well-being of women and specifically children. He remarked that since he's been part of Project Dignity Infinite, his values and his outlook on life have changed. It is giving him an opportunity and to let hope arise again in his heart. He is dreaming again. He is looking forward to completing his Matric and thereafter enrol at University. Errol’s story continues…

Project Dignity Infinite operate from their offices in Matroosfontein. They can be contacted via email on or on 071 567 7327 or 071 557 0479 via WhatsApp or via landline on 021 224 0983 for more information during office hours (Mon-Fri.: 08:00-16:30).

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