To reduce recidivism by providing a continuum of services ranging from prevention programs.

Irving is 14 years old and lives in Clarke Estate, Elsies River which is notorious for high levels of crime, gun violence, and drug abuse. Irving comes from an unstable home environment where his parents do not have enough money to provide for his basic needs.

Touching Nations came to his High School to render school-based programs to children in conflict with the law and their victims to reduce recidivism, by providing a continuum of services ranging from prevention programs to children, youth, and family members. The program’s aim is reached through the different projects of school-based programs, holiday programs, family/ parent workshops, and reintegration/ aftercare services, in the Metro-North region which includes Elsies River, Bishop Lavis, & Delft.

Irving shared his story after his encounter with Touching Nations, “At first, I joined a gang for the status of being in one as I was constantly being bullied at school for not having proper school clothes and shoes, but then later, I found myself starting to get into gang fights, and abusing substances such as tik. It was when Touching Nations came to our school and rendered the school-based programs focusing on substance abuse and bullying that I decided to reach out for help. The holiday workshops offered by Touching Nations provided a safe alternative for myself who might otherwise have gotten trapped on the wrong side of the law trying to survive.”

Touching Nations' Social Crime Prevention serves the following areas:

  • Elsies Rivier
  • Delft
  • Bishop Lavis

Our Programs Include:

  • School-based crime prevention
  • Holiday programs
  • Parenting workshops
  • Reintegration and support

Since April 2022 we had:

  • 441 children in our School Based Programmes,
  • 274 children in our holiday program,
  • 107 parents in our parenting workshops,
  • 7 children in our reintegration and support program.


Our programs include topics of:
Substance abuse,
Body shaming,
Anger-management, &

Schools to who we render the school-based crime prevention programmes to:


  • Uitsig Primary School
  • J.S. Kloppers Primary School
  • Edward Primary School
  • Elsbury Primary School


  • The Hague Primary School
  • Aberdare Primary School
  • Delft Primary School
  • Delft Technical High School


  • Riverton Primary School
  • Hillside Primary School
  • Bishop Lavis Primary School
  • John Ramsay High School


Our programs include topics of:
Inappropriate sexual behaviours,
Disability awareness, &
Healthy relationships and Red flags.

Parenting Workshops

Our programs include topics of:
Child development,
Substance Abuse amongst Children, &
Violence amongst Children.

Our Team

J. Marshall

Social Worker

N. Nqata

Social Auxiliary Worker

V. Mkosana

Social Auxiliary Worker

A. Gabriel

Social Auxiliary Worker


Touching Nations is partly funded by the generous donations of private individuals and organizations. Support us by making a tax deductible donation; we will gladly provide you with a Section 18A certificate.

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Contact Details

Our office hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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