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About us

About Touching Nations

Our belief is that, whilst these programmes assist in some form of relief, the needs and challenges presented by our communities are much greater. For any country to be viewed as a global competitor the physical, psychosocial and spiritual integrity of its citizens must play a pivotal role.

It is based on this belief that we begin a process of holistic rebuilding of our valuable human resources and restoring human dignity and the very moral and ethical fibres of our communities.

Operational Background

The organization has been in existence for the past ten years and has been maintained by voluntary workers and sustained by sponsorships and donations. As the challenges increased rapidly, we have negotiated office space and premises within the community. It obtained official NPO status on the 9th March 2005. This office provides facilities for administration, free voluntary counselling and test, a launch pad for community outreach programmes as well as training and development.


As a Non- Profit Organization, we strive to ensure the provision of intervention projects and programmes that will meet the needs of impoverished and socially challenged communities.


Our purpose is to provide a service to all members of the community comprising of projects and programmes aimed at identified needs in a co-coordinated, structured manner.

Mission Statement

To help those in need achieve their true destiny in God and to see communities transformed and in so doing reflect His glory in such restored lives. As such, Touching Nations respond to the following challenges concerning HIV / AIDS.

By using the public and media spheres, acknowledge the seriousness of the TB/HIV/AIDS epidemics.

Minimising the personal and social impact thereof by operating counselling and testing programmes.

Protecting and promoting the health of all through education and awareness.

Challenging discrimination and stigmatisation through engaging in meaningful debate.

Mobilising and supporting community responses.


“A decrease in HIV & TB”

NPO 038 - 396  PBO 930017734

Board of directors from left to right:

Rev. Mark Le Fleur (Managing Director), Prof. Angeni Bheekie (Vice-Chairperson), Ds. Thembekile Gqwaka (Chairperson), Winifred Le Fleur (Chief Executive Officer), Henry Zass (Financial Director), Rev. Daniel Brown (Board Member), Cllr. Michael Britz (Board Member) and Nicole Marthinus (Secretary)