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Touching Nations is a registered non-profit organisation that is primarily staffed from the community and is field-based. The organization offer comprehensive wellness services in response to a number of communicable diseases and provide interventions to eliminate recidivism amongst youth. Touching Nations is the social arm of The Father’s Touch AOG Church which was established by Pastors Mark and Winifred Le Fleur. Our programmes promote overall health and wellness and our interventions are focused in the places where people live, work, play and study. We are committed to limiting the suffering of people, advocate for their rights and desire to see their dignity restored.

Touching Nations serve communities that can be characterized as being migratory and demographically diverse and we offer community orientated primary health care where people live, work and study. In addition to this, we provide facility-based HIV and TB counselling as well as victim empowerment programs and interventions. As such Touching Nations have a number of professional nurses as part of their cadre of clinical staff and trained community care workers, auxiliary social workers and enjoy progressive relationships with doctors, academic institutions, ward counsellors, social workers, dietitians, environmental health officers, ECD centre managers, both primary and secondary school staff and community leaders at various strata and influence in the community.Through training and mentorship we have been able to set up support systems that complement our health and social programmes. Our relationship with government directorates and communities is directed to build and strengthen public health care and social cohesion.

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Our Operational Leadership Team

Mark Le Fleur
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Winifred Le Fleur
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder
Zibusiso Moyo
Chief Financial Office
Amanda Mhlanganiso
HR Administrator
Keziah Voegt
Finance Assistant
Natasha Claasen
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